Creating a Photo Calendar Challenge

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2014 has seen many a short-lived social trend – from the ice bucket challenge to the ‘no make up’ selfie. Monthly challenges seem to be one of the few trends that have managed to stick it out for the whole year, with people testing themselves on everything from cooking, to cutting out caffeine to *gulp*, going internet free for a month!

We decided it was about time we got on board with a monthly challenge. Photography is such an important part of what we do, so we’re going to test our creativity for the foreseeable future by creating a photo calendar full of different challenges, changing every month.


For each challenge, we’ve chosen a mixture of seasonal events – like Summer & Christmas (December) and Love (February), as well as some subjects we’ve been eager to try – like through a window (November), which will be great for our out-of-the-plane-window shots!


The topics you choose are completely up to you – go for something you’ve wanted to try for ages, or put a selection of words in a hat and go from there.


To create our photo challenge calendars, we decided to use A3 Wall Calendars to make the most of the photos we already have, but there are so many versions you could use to create yours.


Top tip: Haven’t got much space to hang a calendar? Our slim calendars and desk versions can fit just about anywhere!

Creating a calendar is easy, promise. Once you’ve uploaded your photos and picked your theme (we’ve gone with bold & colourful), all you need to do is drag the photos into your chosen layout and add in any text you’d like.

Our favourite extra on the photo calendars has to be the ‘personalised day’ feature, where you can add a specific photo to a certain date, along with text. To mix up our challenges even more – we’ve put individual photos related to the month’s theme on particular days. Let’s hope we manage to stick to them!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 17.46.01


Do you always have a calendar on your wall to keep you organised? If you were to try a photo challenge, what themes would you choose? Let us know in the comments below…

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