Father’s Day gift ideas for first time dads

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So, it’s his first Father’s Day and you’re looking for an extra special gift to show him how much he means to you & baby. Well, look no further –  we’ve come up with some of our top picks that are sure to make Dad go all teary eyed this September.

Photo Blocks


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Capture three generations in one gift using our Photo Blocks. All you’ll need is 3 photos – one of bub looking adorable, another photo with Dad, and finally one with Grandad & baby. Simply upload & add each photo to a Photo Block, choosing the best size to fit the photo, and you’re ready to go.

These nifty little blocks can be displayed just about anywhere. Order an extra set & that’s Grandad’s present sorted as well!

Personalised mug


Whether they’re a tiny newborn, or almost a year old – we’re sure there’s been some disrupted sleep in your household. Dad is going to need somewhere to put all that much-needed caffeine, so why not add a photo of your little one smiling away, to remind him that those 5am starts are all worth it.

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Retro Prints


Although your baby may not be able to talk yet, but don’t let that stop you writing a little message on some Retro Prints on their behalf. Choose photos of their first smile, the day they were born, or a photo from each month of their 1st year. The best part? You can update these each year as your baby grows – guaranteed to be a gift that Dad keeps a hold of for years to come.

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