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Gardens by the Bay

AKA the Southeast Asian island of Pulau Ujong (its Malay name), Singapore is a wealthy, multicultural, invigorating island city with astonishing architecture and a tropical climate. For November’s PhotoBox Location of the Month, we’re looking at just a few of the remarkable sights this unusual city holds for the curious photographer and which images would benefit from using one of our photo printing services…

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Launched in 2006 as part of a project to fill Singapore with greenery, Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay cover 37 acres of reclaimed land and boast a 2 mile waterfront promenade that permits a scenic stroll from the Gardens right into the city centre. Visit for the geo-dome conservatories, which house climates that range from cloud-forest to Mediterranean; the huge diverse open gardens; and the Skyway walk, which winds around these extraordinary “Supertree” structures. Photo by Shiny Things

Esplanade Theatres

Esplanade theatres

Built to represent the durian – Singapore’s national fruit – the Esplanade Theatres could also be mistaken for robot armadillos. Their interiors are equally futuristic, achieving a sort of utilitarian grandeur that is perfectly calibrated for the musical performances held within. Visit for the festivals, concerts and plays held constantly throughout the year, the magnificent Orgelbau Klais pipe organ, and the acoustic engineering. Photo by Sengkang.

Pulau Hantu

Pulau Hantu

A pair of pretty islets off Pulau Ujong’s south coast, Pulau Hantu is known for its beautiful coral reefs and excellent scuba, snorkelling and fishing. Sea life here is diverse and colourful, and the waters warm and sheltered. The area is great for day trips, but it’s also possible to camp on the islets and get back to tropical nature. Photo by Yeowatzup

Little India

Little India

An area with strong Tamil heritage, Little India really demonstrates the cultural importance of food in Singapore. With so many nationalities and religions dwelling in one place, inherited ethnic cuisine has become part of a Singaporean’s cultural identity, with dining considered a national pastime. Visit Little India for excellent restaurants, cafes and streetfood vendors selling delicious Indian and Tamil cuisine, alongside pungent spice shops and vivid Hindu temples. Photo by Sengkang.

Singapore Merlion

Singapore Merlion

Singapore’s mascot, this mythical half-lion, half-fish can actually be found in several locations around the city, but the best-known statue is the original 40 year old, 8.5 metre high Merlion fountain, which once guarded the entrance to Singapore River and now spouts water over Merlion Park, by the central business district. Photo by Chensiyuan.

Botanic Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Spread over 180 acres, free to enter and open from 5am until midnight, Singapore’s Botanic Gardens are a fabulous place to relax and soak up the region’s tropical climate. The garden features diverse areas devoted to species such as orchids, bromeliads and ginger, and climates like the tropical highlands, but the jewel in the crown is the 15 acres of virgin rainforest that the park was built to protect. Photo by Calvin Teo.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo

If you recoil at the idea of animals in cages, worry not – the 70 acre open concept Singapore Zoo doesn’t have any. Set alongside the beautiful, tranquil Upper Seletar Reservoir, the Zoo is intelligently landscaped to give the animals plenty of room and a stimulating natural environment, with excellent research and conservation programmes to protect them. Photo by Lionel Leo.

 Do you know and love Singapore? Is there an iconic image that we’ve missed?

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