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Attention all IPhone users!

We realise that the IPhone is a force to be reckoned with and its sleek design is something to be shown off. BUT- What if you could jazz it up a bit?

The IPhone is one of the most popular accessories since the afro comb and everyone has got one. So why not stand out from the crowd and get yourself one of our brand spanking new, clear IPhone 4/4s cases?

Now you can keep all the beauty of your IPhone but with your favourite photo splashed across the back of it! It’s scratch resistant, lightweight and hardwearing so what could be better? Whether it’s a photo of your beloved pet Fido or a picture form last summer’s holiday, you can be sure that when you snap this little gem on the back of your IPhone, even a call from the tax man will make you smile! (Well…almost).

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