Ten Family Photo Book Don’ts

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Our PhotoBox photo books make very popular gifts, and with Christmas coming up we’re sure that many of you will be browsing the family albums for favourite snaps to include in your personalised pressies for grandma and grandad.

 But you must be careful – choose the wrong photo and that sweet nostalgic family history could turn into the nightmare before Christmas! We’ve compiled our ten favourite photo disasters as examples of what you probably shouldn’t include in your photo book.

 Weird school portraits

School photos are notoriously embarrassing. We’ve all been through unphotogenic phases when experimental haircuts, badly fitting uniform and over-creative school photographers connived to upset our natural grace and poise. Decades later, the result is often groan inducing – and sometimes downright confusing…

 awkward pics

 (image used with kind permission from AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com)

Small children with perms

Why not? Because you may be reported for child cruelty by over-protective relatives.

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 (image used with kind permission from AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com)

 Scary Santas

Father Christmas is supposed to be a favourite family friend, but some department store Santas can look more Old Nick than Saint Nicholas…

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 Donnie Darko Easter bunnies

Not quite so seasonal, but your photo book doesn’t have to be Christmas themed. And you have to wonder who thought that any of these creepy Easter Bunnies were a good idea – no wonder so many of the kids are howling. This particular belligerent bunny has become internet legend…

 awkward pics 4

Alarming close-ups

While we do advise that photo portraits should be cropped around the person being snapped, go in too close and you might get a picture that’s more “argh!!” than “awww…”.

awkward pics 5

Creepy image effects

Even the most basic camera phone these days has some fun photo effects, but it might be best to stick to things like black & white or fish-eye lens – otherwise you end up with scary Blair Witch children.

awkward pics 6

Any t-shirt manufactured in the early 90s


awkward pics 7

Hangover photos

Grandmas are supposed to think of us as polite, well-behaved individuals who study hard and never stoop to getting trashed; any photo of you taken the morning after might take the edge off your angelic reputation.

 awkward 8

Glamour shots

You’ve no idea how many of your relatives will end up looking through this photo book, so keep it wholesome or risk some awkward moments at the next family reunion…

 awkward pics 9

(image used with kind permission from AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com)


On second thoughts, this is an amazing contraption and we demand to have a go on one.

 awkward pics 10

(image used with kind permission from AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com)

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