Top tips for the perfect canvas print

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Canvas Prints

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift or a nice way to personalise your living room, canvas prints are an ideal and easy answer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur Anne Geddes or you prefer to shoot from the hip and hope for the best – you’re guaranteed to have a few photos lurking around that can be turned into works of art. If you want to get the best results on canvas, though, it’s worth looking over our checklist before you upload your final images.

Where’s it going to hang?

Canvas Prints

(photo of Michael and Anna Ancher House, by Klotz)

You might have a photo you love, and know you want on canvas, but it’s wise to decide where you’re going to hang this favourite image before placing an order – there’s no point ordering a huge canvas if you have limited wall space, or a tiny one if you need to fill a large area. If the print is for a gift, have a look around your friend or relative’s house next time you’re there, and take quiet note of how much empty wall space they have; are there lots of pictures up already? Are they all a similar size, and is there much space for the new canvas? Does there landlord impose any limits on hammering nails into the wall?

Colour scheme

Art gurus might turn their noses up at choosing art to match your decor, but let’s be honest – you’re not trying to recreate MoMA in your front room, and you have to live with the results every day. Many family photos will look nice on any wall, but if you’re going for more arty shots it’s worth thinking about them in relation to the colour scheme they’ll sit within – and the other pictures they’ll hang alongside.

If you love a clashing boho look, perhaps choose a selection of photos from opposite sides of the colour wheel. If you prefer a more harmonised effect, choose images that have similar dominant colours and shades.

Canvas Prints1

To make sure the colour you’re seeing on your PC matches what we’ll print out, order a free calibration print from us first.

The best resolution for your canvas print

We like to make things easy for you, so the Photobox website will warn if you upload a photo with a resolution too low for printing.

That said, you don’t want to choose your favourite pic and then feel disappointed, so have a look at our resolution guide to find the ideal resolution for your chosen canvas size.

Canvas Prints2(image by Marco de Meis)

Cropping and wrapping

Remember that we mount all our canvas prints on wooden frames, with the fabric stretched around the outside. This means that the edges of your image will wrap onto sides of the frame rather than appear on the front surface. So, make sure that the important part of your photo isn’t right at the edge – there doesn’t need to be white space at the edges, but it should be something like sky, sea, forest – in other words, background that won’t make the finished canvas look bad if it’s cut off.

And finally…

Make sure you choose a photo that you’ll still love to bits after years of seeing it on the wall…

Canvas Prints3

(photo used with kind permission from

 All images used in this article are distributed under Creative Commons license and must be attributed to the creator if redistributed, with the exception of AwkwardFamilyPhotos who must be contacted first.

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