An Introduction to Wildlife Photographer & Guide, Trevor Kleyn

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We recently noticed an influx of interesting photos appearing on our Facebook timeline – everything from little lion cubs to playful zebras. The photos were coming from wildlife photographer and guide, Trevor Kleyn, and we decided to get in touch with him to find out more about his fantastic photography.

Over to you, Trevor!

“There is something about getting close to nature’s pristine wilderness. It silences you, triggering your imagination and creativity igniting a passion.

As a keen birder, I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph birds on all five continents. My favourite destinations include Iceland, Argentina, Thailand and of course my home country South Africa.

When it comes to wildlife photography, this is my passion.

Having completed various local and international photographic courses, as well as being a qualified Nature and Dangerous Game Trails guide, my workshops and safaris are aimed at offering photographers an opportunity to photograph wildlife mainly in Southern and East Africa.

As a wildlife photographer, it would be very limiting if I were only to shoot during the so-called “golden hours” of light that follows sunrise and precedes sunset each day. So in order to spend more time shooting, and as can be seen in some of my work, I enjoy playing with all different light conditions

Bright Light


Bright light works well with certain subjects. Bright light and unobstructed clear skies help “freeze” the image.

Diffused Light


Diffused light can bring out the best in your photography subjects by reducing glare and harsh shadows.
Cloudy days can be excellent for wildlife photography creating a softer “diffused” light.

Golden Hour


Known for producing great photographs due to its magical lighting qualities, the golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the warming rays enhance the tone of the subject.

Back Light


Backlighting reduces detail, but adds drama.

A backlight helps achieve rim lighting, adding depth and highlighting the edge of the subject.



Silhouettes are a wonderful way to convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood to the viewers of your photos and often stand out in an album.

Night shots


The adventures don’t stop when the sun goes down, night photography in the wilderness can provide beautiful scenes.

Finally, whatever anyone tells you – there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ light. Try and take advantage of all light conditions!”

Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos and tips with us, Trevor!

*All photos were taken with a DSLR and are copyright of Trevor Kleyn Photography. You can see more of Trevor’s work and learn about his guiding here.

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