World Photography Day: A thank you from PhotoBox!

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World Photography Day

If you hadn’t noticed – we love photos. Love ‘em. We also love any excuse to celebrate with our customers, so when we realised World Photography Day was fast approaching, we knew we had to plan something special.

For anyone that has been keeping a beady eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, you’ll have noticed we’ve been asking you, our fans, to share your favourite snaps and the stories behind them – and since it’s World Photography Day, we’ve also asked fellow fans and followers from around the globe to get involved. From France to Finland, and New Zealand to the Netherlands, you’ve been letting us have a look at the shots that are closest to you.

Now for the surprise…As a way of saying ‘thank you’ for sharing your memories with us in the past year, we’ve been hosting a selection of fan photos on our site for the whole day. You’ll also be able to read the funny, beautiful, and often emotional stories behind the snaps as well – because it’s never just a photo.

World Photography Day
Scroll on to have a nosey through a selection of snaps from our fans in Australia and New Zealand that caught our eye…

Rachel Moncrieff

Photo taken by Rachel Moncrieff

‘This was our first trip to see snow and this photo sums up how the boys felt lol. Both boys were cold and had enough the little ones poor little feet were frozen but mummy just wanted a nice picture with the pretty background. While I hoped for a nice happy smiley photo I found this photo absolutely gorgeous’

Sandy de Jong

Photo by Sandy de Jong

‘This is Bullock creek in Tullamore N.S.W reason for taking this photo I You see so many wonderful photos of major waterways rivers,lakes,and harbours but not many of dirty old back water creeks. Creeks also hold a rare yet forgotten and in some case’s unseen beauty with the twist and turns they make on there way to feed a larger waterway some where. They have amazing large trees that seem to grow over the creek like they are protecting the creeks the same trees that get uprooted in floods I wanted to show people how beautiful creeks can be I waited until late after noon to capture the sunlight shining down on the creek as it bounced of the trees I want to show there is beauty all around us people just need to take the time to look.’

Mary Mouawad

Photo by Mary Mouawad

‘Where can i start .. we all live under the same sky but we all have different horizons.. Worth it !! TOTALLY ..I took this photo on the 28th June at Towradgi Beach Lagoon NSW before work 6:55am via my Sony Xperia Zi and admiring this spectacular sunrise.. i just added one of my favourites in this hobby i have begun!!’

Amanda Jane Pipe

Photo by Amanda Jane Pipe

‘Last weekend away with my best friend before I moved to NZ from the UK. We got up before the sun & went for a walk around the grounds of where we were staying. Crisp ground under foot…. It was beautiful.’

Stefanie Thoms

Photo by Stefanie Thoms

Guilty as charged! While washing the dishes my daughter scurries to the pantry then quickly runs away. For the next little while all is quiet, this means trouble. I go to the lounge room and find my daughter grinning with delight, covered in chocolate (her first ever taste of it) and clutching the empty wrapper she’d bitten through. Happy as a pig in mud!

Margaret Hadfield

Photo by Margaret Hadfield

‘This photo was taken from our hotel window in Kolkata, India. It overlooked the roof which provided outdoor living for a number of people living in the building. We were able to observe women preparing vegetables for their meals, children playing and others just relaxing in the afternoon sun. A snapshot into their lives.

The-Illawarra Southcoast

Photo by The Illawarra Southcoast

‘This is my boy with to guys the miller brothers who desided to do a paddle swim to raise money for my boys medical costs with brain cancer they are just amazing they went to Hawaii and did so well in this swim we were so proud and these strangers have become family to us and what great role models for any young person’

Apen Park

Photo by Apen Park

‘From holidays when I took Mum to Phillip Island. We had a great time and it will probably be the last time Mum was able to walk as much as she did. We both have such great memories of this holiday.’

Kim Smith

Photo by Kim Smith

‘My cat hiding from my grandson …they have a weird game they play the cat hides and Ayden keeps finding him …..’

IMG_62_Teneille Wode

Photo by Teneille Wode

‘This is a beautiful moment between my partner and our son. Sadly this was the last photo of the two most important people in my life, not long after this precious moment was captured we lost my partner in a tragic accident’

If these shots have whet your appetite and you want to see more, head over to our site to see more or share your favourite photos & the stories behind them in the comments section below. Happy snapping!

All credit and copyright remains with the original owner.

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